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Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Men Touch

The sign of love- touch.  He reaches for her hand, he traces his finger through her hair, she slides her arms around him. It's MUCH more telling for men.  Women have evolved to use touch to nurture our young and for them touch comes easier.  But not for men.  While men will touch to obtain sexual pleasure when satisfied, and that man feels nothing for the woman, he will withdraw.   But that is separate from a man's touch of love.  Men don't kiss the freckles on the back of the prostitute they have just satisfied themselves with.  They won't ask her to cuddle with him.  However when men love, they want to touch after sexual satisfaction.   Touch revs up their calm nature with a neurochemical that relaxes, promotes health, connection and attachment and gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling- vasopressin in men and oxytocin in  women. 
So important is touch that infants will not thrive without it, it can lower blood pressure, raise immunity, and of course signal that you are cared for.  Touch is necessary but there are rules: personal space is the cultural applied area between what is fine and what is invasive. 
Are you in love?  Don't forget to touch...

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