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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Penis Issues...Again

One of my favorite jobs is to answer questions that people have.  Even the seemingly strangest I enjoy answering.  So often we beat ourselves up because we think there is something worng with us- and this is so true of younger people. I had a student discover this blog- I have another more sedate one for students but he miskeyed and got here.  So he comes up to me after class.   This nice young man- who could have been my kid- is psychological turmoil and spends the next half hour beating around the bush (no pun intended) because he is worried about his genitalia- being that he is uncircumcised.  It seems that while watching a movie  about a bad boss ( I need to see) a comment is made about uncircumcised penises.  The girl he is dating makes a rude comment and they all talk about it- in a negative way- and here is this poor kid sitting there horrified.  Oh what I have heard from young people in the past 25 years- I could and should write a book- I maybe I will.  This sweet soul could have been my own kid - although they have been "C'd" but I talk to him.

First I tell him that there is nothing wrong with the "un-C'd" version - nothing.  Second I tell them they are immature.  I have never heard a woman in my life complain because the man she loved had some extra skin on his little man.  I told him to ask her why it makes a difference and be upfront- tell her that maybe they should stop seeing each other.  Most likely she is just uniformed and will be sensitive enough to realize that we don't love men because of their penises but in spite of them!  We really don't care.  When women are in love they will name the damn thing.

So, for that young man- and all the poor young men who think there is something wrong with themselves, maybe you think you are too small, too marrow, too bent, to this too that, FORGET IT.  I never, and I mean I never heard a woman in love tell me 'he's great but I don't like his penis.   In fact my really good friend confided in me recently that her husband had an erect penis of only two inches.  "I loved him and it really didn't matter," she told me.  But she did tell me since she decided to divorce him when she found out he was using that thing on paid escorts.
Guys- let it go.  Women will love you despite, in spite, without reserve, because that is what love is!  An elixir that blinds and binds you! Women- could you please have some tact!    Dr. Dawn Marlena Hopper.

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