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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Myths and Legends Sex and Love

Excuse the way the questions are worded- They all came out of some scientific research study and scientists are not known for their sparkling dialog and catchy phases!!
Score yourself by the following
1= True    2= False

A real guy should want sex a lot of the time  ___
It is not normal for a man to refuse to engage in sex ____
Most women have sex to enjoy orgasm  ____
You can ‘tell’ who is sexually active by the way they dress ____
Men want sex and not love ____
It is normal for men to wander flirt and to cheat ____
Women are more emotional than men when it comes to relationships ____
Most women enjoy casual sexual encounters or one night stands ____
Men do not desire emotional closeness ____
Men like isolation rather than communication ____
Married people have the least exciting sex ____
The most common sexual position is ‘doggy style’____
Men who love too much are sissified, pussy whipped and unhappy ____
Being in love for a man is like a death sentence ____
Beauty is everything to men ____
Women desire men with a large penis____
Men desire women with large breasts ____
You can ‘get a guy’ by sleeping with him so hooking up may help____
Women talk to each other about ‘which guys are good in bed’____
Women suffer more than men when there is a break up ____
Women like pornography just as much as men ____
Opposites attract ____ 
Men like the sexiest women they can find____
Men can’t love as long or as fully as women ____
More women than men fall in love at ‘first sight’____
Once people are together a long time sex becomes boring and unsatisfying ____
People who are religious tend to have the worst sex ____
Sometimes you can tell who has a sexually transmitted disease appearance ____
Women who have a lot of partners are more horny than women who do not ____
When women who lose their virginity they report that they enjoyed the sex ____
When women lose their virginity they usually have little regret ___
Given the chance most men would marry the sexiest woman they can find____
Most people when they are married cheat____
Most people who are in arranged marriages do not fall in love ____
The human male has a smaller penis than a gorilla ____
Women are much more jealous then men ____
Attractive people have better sex ____
It’s normal for men to ‘kiss and tell’____
In today’s free society playing ‘hard to get’ puts a woman at a disadvantage ____
Most people make a choice to lose their virginity and plan for the occasion ____
Today there is little ‘double standard’ (labeling women who are sexually active) ____
If someone has a really bad childhood it may make wiser and a better partner ____
Alcohol may improve the quality of sex ____
Attractive people make the best lovers____
Men are capable of having sex at any time as compared to women____
Men do not fall in love as easily as women ____
Men fall out of love easier than women ____


  1. All of these seem to be stereotypes we give to sex. Because of Dr. Hopper's class I know the correct answer to many of them, but before the class I would have chosen just what I would assume. A lot of the answers are false but many probably think they're true. I think a lot of women underestimate men. Because men don't like to sit and be chatty cathy's like us women, we assume a lot about them that I think is very false.

  2. I was reading threw and realized I wouldn't know many of these answers without attending Professor Hopper's class.

  3. I think in reading through this quiz, if people believe most of these are true, then they seriously lack in common sense. Yeah, most of those are stereotypical but can clearly be seen as false. For example "Men who love too much are sissified, pussy whipped and unhappy". Anyone who thinks this holds true is completely out of their mind! Or have never loved anyone at all. On another note, I do believe that there is a double-standard out there against women. A guy gets "props" for having many sexual partners (which probably results from men and there need to 'hit-and-run'), but if a woman is unmarried and dates around (or even the promiscuous ones), they get labeled as whores. Not fair, Society.

  4. I must be honest most of these seem true just from past relationships (yeah ive had serval screwed up ones) but if you think about it woman are not the only ones that have have hearts too and for any one to believe in most of these they would have to be ignorant.

  5. I wouldn't of known the answer to these questions if it wasn't for Dr.opper's class. Alot of sterotypes are clear and shocking.

  6. I just think its crazy how people would believe these things, not only being stereotypical and assuming things, but there are definitely people out there who do think and act those ways. Everything would just be better if people weren't so quick to rip their pants off! what happens when you think of someone and you're like "no I don't think this ones going to make it... I'll have sex with them anyway." Do they think about how many guys or girls they slept with and then telling their husband down the road and being like "oh yes sweetie you weren't worth waiting for so I slept with all THESE BILLION PEOPLE! yeah that makes you're spouse feel verrry special...

  7. Maybe before I met my husband I would agree with a lot of these statements, then again I was much younger with less experience in love and relationships. At this point, I would have to believe that these statments if they do apply would only apply to a small group of people and could not be a general statement for all males and females.

  8. Oh, wow. Well, stereotypes are just lovely, aren't they? *face palm*
    You would think, that people would be grown up enough to know that these are false. It's sad that so many of these are believed to be true... Sometimes, you can't help, but wish that people would be smarter than this.

  9. I have to admit that the society we live in today believes in these stereotypes. But after attending Dr. Hoppers class, I became more educated about these stereotypes. So I guess the uneducated people only think like that and believe in these stereotypes. We are so lucky to be educated, if we wouldn't be then we would be screwing up our lives now.

  10. It is sad that we have allowed these stereotypes and false truths to exist and grow into "common knowledge." True before Dr. Hopper's class I may have believed some of them but now I know the truth, and honestly the truth actually makes more sense than the lies.

  11. men and women are alike in alot of ways. this is something i found out while attending dr.hoppers class.

  12. I believe that today's society has a ton of misconceptions when it comes to sexual stereotypes. Along with the others who have commented on this post, I too believe that if I was not a student of Dr. Hopper's, I would have never been able to guess the answers. One new fact that I recently learned in Dr. Hopper's class that sticks out, is that married people have the best sex. After seeing in movies and on television, the married couple is always miserable or not having sex. That goes to show, that when it comes to sex, most have an altered idea of what truly goes on in real life.

  13. I can pretty much agree with c-rupp, the way society has been set up or evolved to where it is now,allows for stereo types like those in the quiz above, to go on.

  14. The only reason I was able to answer most of these questions was because of Dr. Hopper's class. A lot of these questions are very interesting even if you know the answer because they still seem to blow my mind.

  15. before i took dr hoppers class i would have scored alot diffrently on this but now she has given me alot of the correct information

  16. Taking this class has really helped me a lot and most of the answers are false, but I think if someone young will say it is true and they should take this class.

  17. If I were to have taken this quiz before Dr. Hopper's class, I would have answered these questions much differently. I, like many other Americans, was very uneducated about sex and love, knowing only the common stereotypes. This class has made me think more about things and changed my views on many things as well. I am elated to have taken Dr. Hopper's class, as it sparked my interest in psychology.

  18. reading through this quiz, i think that the quiz is more personal rather than a specific gender base. as i went through it i came to realize that most quizes will be similar just due to the myths about women and men.

  19. I sat through and read this quiz with my girl friend sitting next to me. I found that on most questions we saw differently. Most differences I found were based more on our backgrounds and different experiences with relationships rather than gender. However, I can see that gender could permit different views based on these questions.