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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Does it measure up? Please be Happy with the Penis in your Life!

Men are more centered on physical appearance than women.  It would be a great world if men were okay with little boobies, a flabby stomach or hairy legs.  But they are the motor that we drive to plastic surgeons, hair removers or gyms.  But, that centering has bitten them back.  They are just as critical when it comes to their appearance!
            In the largest (and most valid) study of its kind, over 25,000 men were asked to rate the size of their organ (when on high): 66% said they were average, 22% said they were large, and 12% stated they were small. But the researchers found a whopping 55% of American men were dissatisfied with the size of their equipment!  They wanted a bigger one!  Well, there were about three chaps who thought they could be smaller, but the men tended to be quite unhappy with the size of their tools, even rating themselves less attractive; facially and body-wise. 
          While these 55% were complaining, 84% of the women (nearly 25,000 of them), were perfectly happy with their partner’s penis size.  Other research tells us that those 16% might be more interested in girth rather than length. The scientific moral is that women truly don’t care.  Pause for a moment; let’s get a true picture of a real penis—I mean in size—erect, ready to work, on paper. . . . 
          What is the normal?  
          The average length of the average penis (in America!) is 5.3 inches or 13.5 centimeters if you really need to pull out the scientific tape-measure.    
68% of all men measure between 4.6 and 6.0 inches.
13.5% measure between 3.8 and 4.4 inches.
Another 13.5% measure between 6.1 and 6.8 inches.
Only 2.5% are larger than 6.9 inches or below 3.7 inches. 
          For students who have taken a basic statistics class you should note that most men are normal.
          Very big men, as in obesity, tend to have smaller penises.  Big men have the problem that their penises look petite when on their massive bodies, kind of like nestled in needle in their haystack.    Height is the only predictor and as the mother of a near 7 foot tall son, who I diapered, I believe this statistic.  No, hand size or shoe size is not a predictor. That was my mother's theory which freaked me out when I was 14 and knew my mother's shoe size. Yuk! I called her today and told her she was wrong, about something.
          Can you make it bigger? The promise of growing longer and bigger penises is a billion dollar industry.  The phallus fairy grandfather is a myth, you got what you got.  And nothing can change it!  But it doesn’t matter!  The truth is we women don’t really care.  We are simply not that into your buddy, unless of course it is part of that person we care about.  You don’t believe me?  Huh!  Remember that famous movie scene when the chick is being interviewed for the crime and she crosses her legs revealing her pleasure patch???  Try exposing your stiffy to a woman and see what happens.  Women aren’t lining up to see men flash them in parks; women don’t put secret cameras in men’s bathrooms or locker rooms!
          Do you know our ancestors walked around naked? Just which man would your cave grandmother prefer; the one with the kielbasa sized sausage or the one who could shoot an arrow and knock down a kill in one shot? 
          Why do we get sucked up (No pun intended) into this dilemma? The media, the media the media.  There is no market for digital press with men owning pinky sized weeines.  But then again there is no market for fifty five year old women either.  Somehow the big dong has been sexualized and you have gotten the message.  Giant penises slapping buttocks all the while she moans and screams.  Supposedly in delight.  Another Ha!  That actress needs to have health insurance.  There isn’t a woman alive who wants to be pounded by some mega dong, on all fours, for a half hour.  Please don’t email me if you think you know her; I’m only going to recommend she have her kidney’s x-rayed for bruising.
          Finally the most important message.  The size of the tool, the mass of the ship, or the height of the flag- DOES NOT MATTER!  Women want a partner who cares about her orgasm.  Most women are clitorally stimulated; it has little to do with the vagina. Your job is to make your little buddy her favorite play toy.  Therefore being a tender, considerate and devoted lover trumps everything. And by the way, when we love you, we love whatever accessories you come with!   

Dr. Dawn Marelan Hopper
For more information: Does size matter? Men's and women's views on penis size across the lifespan. Lever, Janet;Frederick, David A.;Peplau, Letitia Anne
Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol 7(3), Jul 2006, 129-143. doi: 10.1037/1524-9220.7.3.129

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