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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Smallest Penis . .
  Yes, there is a small penis contest.  Can I enter a Gorilla? The king of the harem comes in at a whopping 2-3 cm--or the size of a cigarette butt.
You can possibly win an iPhone or ipad if you have the smallest erect penis -in Denmark.  The average penis is 5.5 inches and there is a lot of variety out there.  The cocky collaborators of this stunt think that it will open dialogue for men who thinks they don't measure up. From a scientific point almost all women are completely satisfied with their partner's size but almost all men think they don't measure up. And boy do they obsess over it, spending millions on pills, stretchers and pullers--none of which work.  But men have good reason to think this way.  The only erections they see are on porn sites and there is just no market for the average.  And science tells us something else men should know--when women love them, they love all of them, tiny, teensy, bent, crooked, blue, pink, dark.  It only makes me wonder what other crazy things we can dream and scheme up. 

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