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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Men, Women, Relationships,Relationships, Sex, Orgasm and Showing Him How - a Mini Blog

You have to teach him and show him what you need- don't expect him to know it himself, say's Dr. Ruth and Dr. Dawn.
You need to show him, without words, what to do. It's pussy-tale boot camp and the subject is your clitoris and vagina. Seems so intuitive, but it's not. Women often say nothing and do nothing, and men, well alot of you have had some poor training, because no one has told you or you think you know. It's up to women to take charge. Now for this mini blog I'll go a step further; satisfy yourself in front of him (that comes-no pun intended- from Dr. Ruth)   I'm sure he'll agree and do the same.    Show him what you like. If you are apprehensive, well, drink a few glasses of wine first and in the morning blame it on the Pinot Noir. Dr. Dawn Hopper

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